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Gut Restore Package
is available now!

Chances are you have already tried everything to address your constant gut issues. You have seen all the health specialists, tried all the supplements, probiotics and diet trends. 


No matter what you try you still seem to have flare ups, experience food intolerances and have constant digestive symptoms. These symptoms can range from being very mild some days to a real challenge the next. 


Due to the modern world we are under higher levels of stress, overwhelm and pressure. This impacts our gut health in a huge way! If we are burning the candle at both ends our digestion turns off. That is why it is no surprise if you experience bloating or other gut issues. 


If you want to master your stress you must heal & restore the gut! 


If you want to experience an amazing immune system you must heal & restore the gut!


If you  want to have amazing energy, glowing skin & clarity of mind you must heal & restore the gut!

Leaf Pattern Design

This package will investigate the root cause of your health issues & help you to understand your body better. 


It will give you the answers you need in order to heal & optimise your health. 


And you do not  have to have digestive symptoms to benefit from this bundle. It is a package that benefits everyone. I like to look at this package like a detox - only better because you are investigating the root cause whilst restoring & replenishing your gut health! 


Are you ready to truly discover the root cause of your health issues, to become clear & have a good understanding of how to support your body holistically? 

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"Will be forever grateful for your guidance, wisdom & help through this little blip in my life. I am going to shout from the roof tops how amazing you are Bianca."

- Client testimonial

Leaf Pattern Design

"Thank you so much  for today. I feel like the universe has lead me to you to help me on my journey and I am so grateful."

- Client testimonial

This bundle includes:


  • Microbiome map testing - comprehensive stool test which examines microbial imbalances such as parasites, bacteria and viruses, immune function (within the gut - which affects your entire immune system), enzyme function, good bacteria levels and MORE!

  • 2x 1:1 Health coaching & support sessions with Bianca Bown

  • Test analysis and breakdown of what the results mean & ways to repair 

  • Individualised treatment plan & health guide 

Still unsure about the bundle but would like to know more. Book a discovery call to chat with me! 

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