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Healing is an art.

It takes time.

It takes patience.

It takes love. 

~ Pavana.


About Me

I’m Bianca, a degree certified Naturopath with a bachelor in health science and I am a proud member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association. I found my passion for natural health when I fell pregnant with my first child. I wanted to raise healthy well adjusted children and have always loved helping others. I apply my knowledge to support my loved ones and those around me to live a life of purpose, energy and joy. 

As a natural health practitioner I aim to inspire, empower and educate my patients to achieve sustained wellness. I hold an empathetic and nurturing space in my clinic for my clients. I recognise that we are complex beings and our emotional health is almost always tightly intertwined to our physical manifestation of disease. I aim to gently guide my clients back into balance through a variety of earths offerings. I believe a healthy life is possible and should be experienced with joy and satisfaction.

I apply current scientific evidenced based research, naturopathic wisdom and utilise herbal medicines, nutrient compounds, flower essences, hydrotherapy and nutrition. My intention is to help patients to be empowered and excited to take control of their health. I believe that adequate nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices are the key foundations in achieving balanced health and well-being. 

My areas of clinical interest are
Psychological & emotional well-being 
Stress, burnout & adrenal depletion 
Weight management

Women’s health

Gut issues 

~ Restore ~ Rebalance ~ Replenish ~

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"Perfection is not enjoyable or attainable. Giving yourself love, grace and holding space for yourself is the true gateway to long term health and wellness. Remember to connect with yourself, your soul, your authenticity ~ healthy looks different for everyone. We are all so unique and wonderful. Tune into your body and mind, let them guide you." - Bianca Bown Naturopath.

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Port Elliot SA 5212, Australia

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